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Best African Music Performance - "Soft life (Radio Version)"
Global music album - Cultural Canvas

  • Soft life (Radio version) - Best African Music Performance

    "Soft Life"is my entry for Best African Performance this year. I wrote, sang as well as played alto sax, tenor sax and keys on this song, which advocates for inner happiness, emphasizing that a peaceful life originates from within. Technically, I fused a live ‘big band’ style with a horn section, similar to in my live shows, with programmed music. I enjoy this combination of the repetitive, consistent energy of the programmed music with the organic human aspect of live performance. The result is also thanks to a collaboration with fellow new member and producer Folorunsho Philips. Thank you for considering "Soft Life."

    The Album's Essence

    My album is a celebration of African heritage and culture, drawing inspiration from the rich traditions of West and Southern Africa. It encompasses a diverse range of elements-messages, melodies, percussions, rhythms, lyrics, and songwriting styles-that pay homage to these regions. Additionally, the album serves as a journey towards self-discovery, urging listeners to focus on their inner selves and immediate surroundings. The album is very special to me because I created the opportunity to collaborate with my great great grandfather Josiah Jesse (J.J) Ransome Kuti on track 9. He wrote and recorded a song about deliverance called Igbala in the late 1800s. He wrote and composed many other popular Yoruba gospel songs in his time. The ideas came to me as a series of visions and dreams over the last few months - and I chose to offer a message that is true and pure and also serves humanity. I stem from a family that is known for serving their community through expression - and its an honor of mine to be able to collaborate with an ancestor in this time and space reality.

    "The motivation behind this album stems from the historical disconnection Africans have faced from their own culture. Over centuries, our languages, belief systems, and cultures have been overshadowed by Western influences. Despite being based in the USA, I make it a point to collaborate with African creatives, thereby providing them with opportunities to hone their craft and support their families."

    - Baba Kuboye

More Listening Options

"With a budding career built on a sturdy foundation made possible by tight familial ties to music, Baba Kuboye's approach to music is one that blends realism. modernism, and activism to result in meaningful music that leverages his ability to tell touching stories and wield powerful sounds. Also prominent in his music is his roots in different cultures around the world."

- Cultural Custodian

    • 1. Soft life (Radio Version)
    • 2. Carry Go
    • 3. Chilling
    • 4. Konko
    • 5. Dey for you master
    • 6. Parara (Sax Appeal)
    • 7. Undeniable
    • 8. Wa Zo Bia
    • 9. Igbala ft JJ Ransom Kuti
    • 10. Soft Life (Extended version)


    • Produced by:
        Baba Kuboye, Fliptyce (Folorunsho Philips), Spiritual vibes (Bruno Aikore), Deo (Uwejeyah Obedience Efeoghene), Marvel Michael Otuya, DelB Basil Ayo, LUSSH (AYOTUNDE TUNDAY LAWAL)
    • Engineered by:
        Baba Kuboye, Justin Collins, Michael Oloyede, Eben jazz
    • Mastered by:
        Deo (Uwejeyah Obedience Efeoghene), Matthew Barnhart, Cochise Genet, Fliptyce (Folorunso Busayo Philips),
    • Vocalists:
        Baba Kuboye (lead), Kiibaati Kuboye (backup), Josiah Ransome Kuti (backup), Onanuga Busayo Anne (backup)
    • Musicians:
        Baba Kuboye (Saxophone Alto , Keys, percussion, Log drum, bass, Tenor Guitar, Saxophone Tenor)
        Ogunniyi Babatunde Samson (saxophone alto)
        Ik Asanga (Saxophone Alto)
        Olanrewaju Ayodeji(keys)
        Samuel Olaniran (percussion),
        Adeyemi Olorunjuwonlo Ayomide (bass)
        Akeju Owowonuola Sunday (trumpet)
        Apara Timilehin Jeremiah (drums)
        Akpasubi Miracle Ebosetale (drums)
        Nwachukwu Jonathan Chimezie (solo guitar)
        Bojoope Daniel Oluwafemi (Tenor Guitar)
        Adelekan Emmanuel Oluwasegun (saxophone tenor)
        Morakinyo Paul Akinkunmi (Trombone)
    • Creative Design:
        Casmir Ekechi (Album Cover) , Sweet Marc (Photography)
    • Recording Locations:
        Echo lab, Denton, Dallas, Texas
        Down 4 Whateva Entertainment Studios, Frisco, Texas
        Harmonix music company,Ogba lagos, Nigeria


    Baba Kuboye performing in Dallas Texas
    Recap of Baba Kuboye performing with his band in Dallas Texas
    My great great grandfather's song that inspired Igbala - track 9

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